Yoga Retreats



This relaxing and restorative 3 day Yoga Retreat, will help you learn and perfect a series of yoga poses that will help to strengthen the muscles that support the neck and back, helping to ease or prevent pain and discomfort.  It will help you understand how these muscle work and the importance of correct posture and alignment.  
With an emphasize on  the breath, simple and repetitive movements, in careful sequencing,  combined with the meditative qualities of the movement, which help work towards a self-awareness in the body. The repetitive movements that are unique to our Back Care Program warm the body and increase circulation, which is important in healing. They also break poor movement patterns and introduce healthy ones.
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After the rush and activity of the summer; too many late nights and entertaining the inevitable summer guests; it is the perfect time to Twist & Detox with our 5 Day September Yoga & Detox Retreat.
Our tailored Yoga & Detox Retreat will assist your body to eliminate toxins that have stored up in your cells from stress, poor diet and other unhealthy habits. You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle!
This programme will give you a comprehensive lifestyle program to start implementing long lasting and meaningful changes for a healthier and happier way of living
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About Us: Natural Yoga Centre

Yoga is the union of all aspects of an individual: body, mind and soul. Hence, Yoga reunites all opposites - mind and body, stillness and movement, masculine and feminine, sun and moon - in order to bring reconciliation between them'.




Yoga Philosophy at Natural Yoga Centre, France

'yoga is part metaphysics and part philosophy, with a strong physical base. Yoga is about seeking the universal truth through simple practices, body rituals and techniques that tie in to its fundamental theme of yoking (connecting) the body with the infinite spirit of the universe. Indeed, the word "yoga" itself comes from the Sanskrit "yuj," which means to yoke or to join.'

Join us and explore the union of Yoga in our Yoga Retreats in France. Also view our Online Yoga Store selling creative art work by artists that draw their inspiration from the beauty surrounding us.

YOGA at natural yoga centre


Yoga Retreats France, at Natural Yoga Centre. Yoga Retreats France at Natural Yoga Centre.


a centre for physical & spiritual connection

'Yoga and flexibility have always been linked together. The exercises (asanas) of yoga encourage you to increase flexibility in your muscles and connective tissue, whilst building strength and increasing muscle tone. Many people you avoid flexibility exercises, thinking they are too old or too inflexible to do them. But we can all improve and benefit our level of flexibility and strength, at any age and at any stage.

Tandy Louise Yoga, Yoga classes France, Yoga Retreats France.

a centre for healing & transformation

Tandy Cassidy started her yoga journey in 2000 after sustaining a back and neck injury from a car accident. After studying for some years she finally completed her teacher training in Australia with Vanessa Rudge and Michael Daly from Being Yoga. At Being Yoga she learnt the amazing grace and flow of Vinyasa Yoga, and developed her love of meditation and pranayama.

Whilst in Australia she met and worked with some amazing loving people, who helped her to open her heart and listen to her inner gift for healing. On returning to France she decided it was time to dedicate her energies to providing a loving, supportive, haven for people to connect with their inner self; connecting the body with the infinite spirit of the universe.

Trained in Vinyasa Yoga, Tandy describes her yoga style as Healing Yoga; offering students the chance to deepen their connection or ‘re-connect’ with their true selves.




Yoga Classes & Yoga Retreats

Tandy Louise Yoga; Yoga Classes in France ; Yoga Retreats France at Natural Yoga Centre.

Yoga Classes

Yoga and Lunch:

10.30am Tuesdays: Levels 1 & 2 Classes are open to everyone, from beginners to level 2 students. Classes run for 1hr 15mins and include an optional light healthy lunch after the class to enable students to meet other people who enjoy the benefits of yoga. The perfect way to create new friends and network!

Venue; 20 Grand Rue, Champagne Mouton,Charente

Booking is essential if lunch is required.

Mats & props are provided although we do have the option to purchase a yoga mat if required.

Yoga Class at Under the Lime Tree

10.30am Thursday: Levels 1 & 2 Classes are open to everyone, from beginners to level 2 students. Classes run for 1hr 15mins

Venue: Under the Lime Tree Fontfaix le Haut ~ 16260 Cellefrouin ~ Charente ~ France

Mats & props are provided although we do have the option to purchase a yoga mat if required.

Phone Tandy on 06 48 02 32 21 for class information or to reserve your place.